Winners of the Mild trail completed cards 2019

No Prize Name
1 Parker Brewery Trip Alan Ascott
2 Moorhouses Brewery Trip Colin Cameron
3 Lancaster Brewery Trip Olive Marsh
4 Southport Mini Keg John Dean
5 Liverpool Mini Keg Mike Perkins
6 Red Star Bottle Pack Steve Cottam
7 Red Star Bottle Pack 3 Carl Preece
8 Busheys Sweat Shirt Robert Stacey
9 Busheys Tee Shirt Amanda Cottam
10 Busheys Tee Shirt Robin Gibson
11 Busheys Tee Shirt David Murray
12 Busheys Tee Shirt David Wright
13 Bowland Bar Runner David Milcoy
14 Lancaster Bar Runner Bob Parry
15 Lancaster Bar Runner Val Sutton
16 Titanic Bar Runner Johanna Moore
17 Titanic Bar RunnerKarl Cradice
18 Titanic Bar Runner Sharon Mason
19 Liverpool Pub Poster Jo Farrel
20 Liverpool Pub Poster Marie Farrell
21 Liverpool Pub Poster Bill Murthy
22 Liverpool Pub Poster Peter Larkman
23 Liverpool Pub Poster P Newcombe
24 Apetite For Ale Dave Paisley
25 Apetite For Ale Julian Campbell
27 CAMRA Great British Pubs David Oliver
28 CAMRA Beer Guide to West Coast USA Emily Grint